Optimize Conversion Rate and Communications

Chat, Phone, Video, And Cobrowsing - Single Point Solution

Strengthen your sales, assistance, and customer support experts to offer excellence in conversation with our chat software. We are offering a highly responsive chat solution for your website. Using our solutions you can establish a real-time interaction with your targeted and website visitors. Reply to their queries and get ready to observe a significant rise in your online sales tremendously. Being smart software it gives our client an opportunity to keep a record of their visitors and a countless number of agents.

Apart from text expand the chat experience to the next level. Extend it to screen sharing, voice/video call. Immediately resolve complicated customer concerns with cobrowsing. How many customers retain on a website proves its accomplishment.

Turn Visitors Into Customers

Connect with customers as and when required throughout the buying process. Enhance the conversion rate by delivering correct information at the correct time. Ultimately conversion rate is the thing that matters for a business website.

Improve Customer Support

Reply to similar queries with automated text. Strengthen your customer service experts to offer real-time assistance along with the various reference points. Automated replies save your time by replying to the same queries multiple times.

Converse As A Group

Cooperate internally to maintain continuous communication with potential and existing customers. Limit, track and turn visitors into customers before they leave. A low bounce rate proves that more and more customers admire your services.

Quick Recommendations

Secure valuable time in discovering appealing words. Let our solution identify particular words in communications and recommend automatically recorded replies. There are many ways to convey similar information. Some words left a strong impression on customers’ minds.

Chat Note

Drop significant message about communications confidentially for associates to examine to facilitate analysis time. This secures the time of other team members understanding a query

Recorded Information

Automatically response to similar customer queries. Reply queries with no need for engaging your team. Most of the queries are of similar nature in all businesses. Our solution helps them to save time.

Restrict, Track and Transform Your Customers Before They Leave

Maximize sales by transferring the right words depending upon customer analysis.


Convey context-based, real-time information to buyers depending on their previous status.

In-App Messaging

Auto-deliver assorted messages customized to your buyers throughout your web and mobile interface.


Recognize customer involvement with expressed information by boosting customer response.

Enhance Customer Support And Commitment

Improve conversion rate, assistance, and customer support with an inclusive set of real-time conversation means.

Chat Routing

Reflexively distribute chat applications to appropriate authorities. Segregate chats precisely to your unit.

Multiple Language Chat

Identify and interpret your buyer’s language and communicate in the language which your customer recognizes better.

Tailored App Implementation

Transfer focused in-app information, push notifications, and email text depending on how your mobile app users respond.

Communication Analysis

Calculate normal acknowledgment and query-solving time. Review the number of running and unresolved conversation per day with integral reports.

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